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Animals for Dummies

think you know your average animals? how about the 'blue pointed wooly jersey'? the 'common house sparrow'? try to beat this!

common house sparrowa small bird, commonly found in plains and woodland areas
blue-pointed wooly jerseya medium sized rabbit; usually white, has grayish-blue ears, nose, and feet....has a lot of long, white hairs
kangeroo mousea small rodent, it has unusually large feet, and a long tail. used for making a quick getaway from predators; found in australia and tasmania
duck-billed platypusthe only warm blooded animals to lay eggs (lays eggs underwater)
quarter horseis able to run at top speed for a quarter of a mile
pimento horsea horse of usually three or four colours on it's coat, white, black, brown, and an occasional tan or brownish red
cobra king snakeone of the most poisonous snakes in the world
corral king snakeone species can be deadly, while the other can be harmless (the two different species have different colour patterns on their scales)***red an yellow, ur a dead fellow, red an black....***
wild mustangsa wild undomesticated horse, found in colorado, wyoming. has been hunted, trapped, and tamed. are now found in unusually small numbers
red rhinosa species hunted to extinction
black rhinosnumbers are less than 20, fortunately, the african government has every one of them highly protected, 24/7 by african game wardens
blue footed boobya bird with blue webbed feet
bald eagleunited states's national bird
sea ottera warm blooded animals that spends most of it's time in the water, and sleeps in sea weed, and eats mainly oysters, clams, and other small marine animals
blue whalelargest warm-blooded animal
killer whalea warm-blooded carnivorous marine animal
bottle nosed dolphinan intelligent gentle creature. travels in groups
wolfhunts and lives in packs; carnivorous
african wild dogis tri-coloured and scavenges for food often with a pack
indian elephanthunted to extinction by man

michelle larsen

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