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Civics chapter 7 test

crisis in the colonies

what 3 nations were competing for empire in the 1700's?spain, france and england
what did the french call the territory that is now part of the us in 1753?Louisiana
Give 4 reasons of the french forts..keep away enemies,protect fishing grounds and fur trade, and block colonies from expanding to west
list 2 reasons why the indians might have allied with the frenchfrench didnt destroy hunting grounds and many french married indians and adoped indian ways.
what were french?trappers
what were english?farmers
give 2 reasons why indians might have disliked the english.enlish were farmers and believed they were better than the indians
What conflict started in 1754?french and indian war( 7 year war)
What was the propose of building a fort were the 2 rivers monongahela and allegheny met?to protect their claims
who was the 22 year old surveyor?george washington
what was the first battle of the french and indian war?the clash at fort necessity
what was the albany plan of union/grand council reps from each colony. they would make laws raise taxes and set up the defense of the colonies
why was it rejected>?because they did not want to give up any of their own rights/.
list 2 advantages of the french.single government= quicker decisions and had many indian allies to help fight agianst
list 2 advantages of the britishpop was 20 times greater than france and had indian allies too
what characteristic of the british uniform made them easy to shoot?they wore bright red coats
what 2 actions did william pitt take that helped the british?sent britains best generals to colonies and encouraged colonist to support the war ( fort pitt was in pittsburg )
describe wolfes c\daring plan to capture quebechad all his troops sneak up during the night and then that was when they attacked and surprised
what treaty ended the war?treaty of paris ( signed in paris )
what happened to frances north america territorylost all lands in north america to british ( britain won )

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