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Literary Tersms (6th grade)

AntagonistThe character or that opposes the protoganist in a conflict.
ConflictThe struggle between opposing forces.
External ConflictThe kind of conflict in which the protagonist struggles against an outside force.
Internal ConflictThe kind of conflict in which the strugle occurs within the protagonist.
PlotThe sequence of events in a work of fiction. Usually told in chronological order.
Point of ViewThe position or perspective from which a story is told.
ProtagonistThe main character in a work of fiction.
StyleA writer's characteristic way of arranging words to express an idea.
ThemeThe main idea or attitude toward life expressed in a work of fiction.
SimileComparison of 2 things using like or as.
MetaphorComparison of 2 things without using like or as.
PersonificationGiving human qualities to an animal or object.
OnomatopoeiaSpelled like the sound it makes.
Alliteration3 or more first letter "same sound" words in a sentence.


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