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American History Chapter 9

Vocabulary from America Past and Present

Era of Good Feeling1817 - 1823 during Monroe Presidency
Era of Good FeelingParty rivalry diminished; confident post-war nationalism
putting-out systemWorkers supplied with raw materials, paid for finished products
Merchant CapitalistsProvide workers with materials, distribute and sell finished product
Eli WhitneyInvented cotton gin which sped production
Cotton GinResulted in bigger plantations, more need for slaves
National Road1811-1838, first federally-funded transportation project; MD to IL
Francis Cabot LowellBoston Associates; added mass production to textile mills
Gibbons v. OgdenStates regulate intrastate trade; Congress has authority over interstate trade
McCulloch v. MarylandSecond Bank of US constitutional
Affirmed doctrine of implied powersMcCulloch v. Maryland
McCulloch v. MarylandPower to tax = power to destroy
John MarshallChief Justice 1801 - 1835; sanctity of contracts, supremacy of federal gov
preemption rightsSquatters have first legal claim
Dartmouth College v. WoodwardCharter granted by state is a contract; states to spell out the limitations of corporate charters in greater detail
Adams-Onis TreatyJQ Adams; favorable western boundary to Pacific; US purchases FL, surrenders claim to TX
Monroe DoctrineAmerica not open to colonization; US not to be involved in European affairs
John Quincy AdamsSuccessful Secretary of State; troubled presidency
James MonroeWeak leader; foreign policy goals with Britain and Spain
internal improvementsFederal aid to finance internal improvements; turnpikes, canals, river and harbor clearing projects
Panic of 1819First US depression caused by falling cotton prices and contraction of credit
Led to demand for more democracy, hostility to banks, split within Republican partyPanic of 1819
Second Bank of USCriticized during Panic, Jackson vetoed bill to recharter
American systemHenry Clay; West to support protective tariffs; East to support aid for railroad/canals
Stimulated manufacturing, demand for raw materials, market for goodsAmerican system
Tallmadge AmendmentNY Tallmadge proposed gradual abolition of slavery in MO when it applied for statehood; caused controversy
Missouri CompromiseMO entered as slate state, ME entered as free; slavery banned from Louisiana Territory in north
turnpikePrivate business ventures; built by states, federal gov, individuals; internal improvement
Erie CanalInitiated canal boom of 1820s - 1830s; financial success
Reason to Love History IStudying it makes you swim fastert makes your
Reason to Love History IIClears the complexion
Reason to Love History IIIIt's better than basketball

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