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Ancient Greece 2

A review of terms found in each chapter of the book, Early Times A Story of Ancient Greece

Cretehome of the Minoans
Idathe highest mountain in Crete
Neolithiclast phase of the Stone Age
Paleolithicearly phase of the Stone Age
Cypruslarge island in E Mediterranean
obsidianvolcanic glass
Knossosruined city in N central Crete
Minoslegendary ruler of Crete
Minotaurhead of bull and the body of a man
labyrintha maze
Ariadnegave Theseus thread
Theseusrenowned for the slaying of the Minotaur
legendnonhistorical or unverifiable story
Sir Arthur Evansdug up Knossos
Minoannative of Crete
aqueductartificial channel for conducting water
frescopainting on a moist plaster surface
Linear Bwriting used by Mycenaean Greeks
Therasite of volcanic eruption
Atlantislegendary island, mentioned by Plato

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