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The Ocean Floor

continental shelfthe part of a continent between the shoreline and the area where the ocean floor begins a steep descent
continental slopethe boundry between the continents and the features of the basin
submarine canyonthe U- or V-shaped valleys that cut through the continental shelf and continental slope
underwater avalancheswiftly moving rocks and mud that slide down the continental slopes
abyssal plainsdeepest parts of the ocean
oceanic ridgesunderwater mountain ranges
rift valleysdeep cracks along the mountains
deep-sea trenchvery deep V-shaped crack
seamountsvolcanic mountains
tablemountsvolcanic mountains with flat, broad tops
coral reefsa large amount of limestone rock
fringing reefsreefs that touch the shoreline of a volcanic island
barrier reefsreefs separated from the shore by a lagoon

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