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Chapter 32: Dinner Preparations

invitati erantthey had been invited
qua de causafor this reason
comparo, are, avi, atusto buy
holus, holeris, n.vegetable
panis, panis, m.bread
pullus, i m.chicken
ovum, i n.egg
malum, i
allata eratit had been brought in
pulcherrimus, a, ummost beautiful
regnum, i n.kingdom
inferi, orum n.the underworld
casuby chance
oleum,i n.oil
stratum, i n.sheet
ignis, ignis
pallium, i n.cloak
Bono animo es!Be of good mind
iussa, orum n.commands
coqup, coquere, coxi coctusto cook
affero, affrre, attuli, allatusto bring
everto, evertere, everti, eversusto overturn
deicio, deicere, deieci, deiectusto throw down
effundo, effundere, effundi, effususto pour out
complures, -es, -eseveral
confecta eritit is/will have been finished
solea, ae f.sandal
aufero, auferre, abstuli, ablatusto carry away
accumbo, accumbere, accubui, accubbiturusto recline (at a table)

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