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Weight Control

Overweight and Underweight

behavior modificationthe changing of behavior by the mainpulation of enviromental factors that trigger this
cellulitea lumpy appearance in fatty areas of the body is caused by strands of connective tissue that attach to the skin to underlying muscles
clinically severe obesitya BMI of 40 or greater or 100 pounds or more overweight for an average adult
diuretica drug that promotes water excretion
hyperplastic obesityobesity due to an increase in the number of fat cells
hypertrophic obesityobesity due to an increase in the size of fat cells
gastric partitioninga surgical procedule that reduces the size of the stomach and delays gastric emptying by restricting the outlets
set pointthe point at which controls are set by an internal control.
weight cyclingrepeated cycles of weight loss and gain (ratchet effect)
leptina protein produced by fat cells that increases satiety
Cold intoleranceis a side effect of very low kcalorie diets
The rule for weight loss isreduce your daily energy intake
Anorexia nervosadescribes a highly restrictive eating pattern that results in extreme weight loss
Bulimia nervosainvolves a chronic pattern of binge eating followed by purging behavior


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