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Polyatomic Ions

Learn your polyatomics in a fun and easy way with these programs. Polyatomic Ions are probably the most important combinations of elemets to learn for naming compounds and such. Once you have these mastered, every thing else is a sinch!
I could not figure out how to use subscripts or superscripts, so I have written the the number of elements in the compound to the right of the element, for instance: NH4 means that there is one atom of N (nitrogen) and four atoms of H (hydrogen). These bond together to form Ammonium. I have also written the charge of the polyatomic ions to the right of the ion, such as NH4 (+1). Which means that Ammonium has a plus one charge. It is very important that you know the charges of the Ions, so I am going to create seperate games for charges later. I dont have them yet, but you can expect them soon.

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Jacob Nunnery

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