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Geography 4

Exploring Our State: Wisconsin, Follett Social Studies

basina region drained by a river; land largely enclosed by higher land
baysmall part of a body of water that reaches into land
canala ditch made for irrigation or transportation
canyona deep, narrow valley with steep sides
channela deep, narrow body of water connecting two larger bodies of water; the deeper part of a waterway
cliffa high, steep wall of rock
continentone of the seven large bodies of land on the earth
deltaland deposited at the mouth of a river
deserta region too dry for much plant growth
dividea height of land that separates river basins
downstreamthe direction toward which a river flows
fjorda narrow inlet of the sea with steep banks made by a glacier
glaciera large body of slowly moving ice
gulflarge part of a body of water that reaches into the land
harbora sheltered place where ships may anchor safely
highlandhills, mountains, or plateaus
hilla raised part of the earth's surface that has sloping sides; smaller than a mountain
islandland entirely surrounded by water; smaller than a continent
isthmusa narrow strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land
lakeinland body of water
lowlandlow and usually level land
mountainhigh, rocky land usually with steep sides and a pointed or rounded top; higher than a hill
mouththe place where a river flows into a larger body of water
oceanone of the four large bodies of water on the earth
ocean currenta stream of water moving through the ocean in a definite direction; some are warm, some cold
peninsulaa body of land almost surrounded by water
plainbroad, level land
plateaua region that is mostly high, flat land
reservoira lake where water is stored for future use; sometimes formed by placing a dam across a river
rivera large stream of water flowing through the land
seaa large body of water partly or completely enclosed by land
seacoastland next to the sea
sourcethe place where a river begins; usually in the highlands
straita narrow stretch of water that connects two larger bodies of water
swampland soaked with water
tidethe regular rising and falling of the water of the ocean
tributarya river or a stream that flows into a larger river
upstreamthe direction from which a river flows
valleylowland between hills or mountains
volcanoa mountain formed of rock thrown up from inside the earth


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