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Match the Star

Match 17 stars, 1 nebula, 1 cluster, and 1 galaxy into the correct constellation.

BetelgueseOrion (The Hunter)
SiriusCanis Majoris (The Big Dog)
AldebaranTaurus (The Bull)
FomalhautThe Southern Fish
VegaLyra (The Lyre)
DenebCygnus (The Swan)
AntaresScorpious (The Scorpion)
ArcturusBootes (The Herdsman)
PolarisUrsa Minor (The Little Bear)
SpicaVirgo (The Virgin)
PolluxGemini (The Twins)
RegulusLeo (The Lion)
CastorGemini (The Twins)
RigelOrion (The Hunter)
AlgolPerseus (The Warrior)
The Horsehead NebulaOrion (The Hunter)
M33 (galaxy)Andromeda (The Princess)
The Pleiades (small group of stars clustered together)near Taurus (The Bull)

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