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Math 2

Saxon Math 2, Lessons 1-35
This game quizzes you on mathematics terminology, not on math facts.

DigitsNumber symbols from 0 to 9
MinuteOn a clock, the long hand points to the...
HourOn a clock, the short hand points to the...
2:00How do we write two o'clock in digital time?
Doubles factsNumbers being added are the same
Repeating patternPattern that repeats the same elements over and over
Continuing patternPattern that keeps going, increasing or decreasing
Ordinal numberNumbers that show position, such as first, second, third
Counting numberNumbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and so on
Addition storiesSome, some more stories
Subtraction storiesSome, some went away stories
HexagonPolygon with 6 equal sides
SundayFirst day of the week
MondaySecond day of the week
TuesdayThird day of the week
WednesdayFourth day of the week
ThursdayFifth day of the week
FridaySixth day of the week
SaturdaySeventh day of the week
Weekend daysSaturday and Sunday
Week daysMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Odd numbersStart with 1 and count by 2
Even numbersStart with 2 and count by 2
1/2one half
1/3one third
1/4one quarter
1/5one fifth
1/6one sixth
2:30Half past 2:00
6When it's half past the hour, what does the minute hand point to?
12When the time is on the hour, what does the minute hand point to?
ThermometerWhat measures temperature?
ClockWhat measures hours?
CalendarWhat measures days?
RulerWhat measures length?
MercuryWhat in a thermometer moves up and down to show the temperature?
10How many pennies in a dime?
SumAnswer to an addition problem
AddendsNumbers being added together
Used to count by fivesTally marks
Horizontal lineLine that is "lying down"
Vertical lineLine that is "standing up"
Oblique lineLine that is diagonal


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