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English IV (HI) Unit 4

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animatedfull of life; lively, vigorous, active
magnanimousgenerous and forgiving
animosityill will or resentment
inanimatenot alive; lifeless; dull
configurationan arrangement of parts or elements
effigya crude representation of a hated person
figmentsomething made up or imagined
superannuatedoutwornl old fashioned or out of date
annuitymoney that is payable yearly or on some regular basis
perennialenduringor present at all times; continuing to grow
coevalhaving the same age or lasting the same amount of time
longevitya long duration of life
primevalhaving to do with the earliest ages; primitive or ancient
corporealhaving or relating to a physical body; substantial
corpulenthaving a large, bulky body; fat
corporalrelating to or affecting the body
incorporateto blend or combine into something already existing to form one whole
intactuntoched by anything that hrams; entire; uninjured
tactileable to be perceived by touching; relating to the sense of touch
tangentialtouching lightly; incidental
tangibleable to be perceived, especially by touch; physical
codexa book in handwritten form; a book of Scripture
codicilan addition to a well; a supplement
codifyto arrange according to a system
assignationan agreement about the time and place for a meeting; especially a secret meeting
signatorya person or givernment that signs an agreement with others
signeta seal used instead of a signature
quadrennialhappening every four years
tetralogya set of four connected literary, artistic or musical works
tetrapoda vertebrate with two pairs of limbs

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