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Chapter 69 Age of Elizabeth

Sir Walter Raleigh was knighted becauseHe threw his cape down on a mud puddle to protect Queen Elizabeth's shoes
Virginia DareFirst English child born in America
Raleigh wanted England to settle America because...He was afraid Spain would get ahead of England
Englishmen were sent to Roanoke Island, off the coast of...North Carolina (though it was called Virginia at the time the settlers went)
Some colonists returned to England, discouraged by the hardships of the New World, the remaining...All disappeared
TobaccoWas brought back to England from Virginia
Sir Walter Raleigh was exectued...By King James, who thought Raleigh was plotting against him
Tower of LondonWhere Raleigh was imprisoned for 13 years prior to his execution
Hamlet, Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, Julius CaeserSome famous plays written by Shakespeare
Anne HathawayWife of William Shakespeare
William ShakespeareEnglish playwriter, little education, began career by working in theatres, started rewriting plays, then began writing his own plays
Shakespeare often used old the basis for his plays
Even though Shakespeare had little formal education...He demonstrated knowledge in the areas of history, law, and medicine in his plays


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