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Primal Religious Traditions

Aborigenesnative people of Australia
Dreamingthe foundation period of the Aboriginal religion
Ancestorsmythic, supernatural beings who gave shape to the Aboriginal
totemthe symbol that represents a special relationship between a person and an Ancestor
totemisma system of belief and ritual based on totems
taboothe setting aside of certain things or activities due to their sacred nature
Yorubaa primal religious group of western Africa
Ifethe center of the Yoruba religion
orisathe deities of the Yoruba
Olorunthe supreme god of the Yoruba
Orisa-nlathe creator god of the Yoruba
Ogunthe Yoruba god of iron and war
Esuthe Yoruba trickster figure who incorporates both good an evil properties
trickstera mischievous supernatural being
divinationthe perceiving of the future
Lakotathe Native Americans of Montana and Wyoming
Siouxthe pejorative term for the Lakota meaning "snakes"
Wakantanka"Great Spirit" for Lakota
Inktomi"Spider," the Lakota trickster figure

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