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Odyssey Questions

Questions about The Odyssey by Homer

Who wrote The Odyssey?Homer
What story came before The Odyssey?The Iliad
Who is the epic heroOdysseus
Term for many godspolytheism
Held Odysseus for several yearsCalypso
Goddess of war and wisdomAthena
Cyclops blinded by OdysseusPolyphemus
Son of OdysseusTelemachus
men trying to marry Penelopesuitors
why does Penelope unravel the burial shroud?to stall choosing a suitor for marriage
The messenger godHermes
What happens when Odysseus leaves Calypso's island?Poseidon hurls a storm at him for 20 days.
With narcotic flowers, these men drugged the crewLotus Eaters
How did Odysseus escape the cyclops?Blind the giant and escape under sheep
What mistake did Odysseus make when leaving Polyphemus?He identified himself
How did Aeolus help Odysseus?He captured strong winds in a bag.
Godess who turned men into animalsCirce
Why did Odysseus visit the Land of the Dead?He wanted to find a way home.
What mistake did the crew make on the island of Helios?They ate the cows.
Why did the men put beeswax in their ears?Protect themselves from man-eating Sirens
6-headed man-eating monsterScylla
whirlpool monsterCharybdis
What do the suitors plan when Telemachus returns from his travels?ambush and kill him
Why does Odysseus delay seeing Penelope when he gets home?Find out if she is loyal, check out the suitors
How does Odysseus safely walk among the suitors when he returns?He is disguised as an old beggar.
What contest must a suitor win to marry Penelope?String Odysseus's bow and shoot an arrow through axe handles
What goddess helps Odysseus kill 108 suitors?Athena
How does Penelope test Odysseus when he returns?She says she'll move the tree bed and he objects
Where is Odysseus's home?Ithaca
After the war, how long does it take Odysseus to get home?10 years
Why is Poseidon angry at Odysseus?He blinded Poseidon's son, Polyphemus
Who gives Odysseus an herb so Circe's magic would not work on him?Hermes
What were some complications in the plot?Cyclops, Circe, Calypso, the underworld, Scylla, Charybdis
Name one of Odysseus's external conflictsPolyphemus, sea storms, suitors
What was an internal conflict for Odysseus?wanted to rush home, but needed to see who was loyal
What was the setting of the Odyssey?Ancient Greece
Name some suspense in the storyPolyphemus, Scylla, etc.
What is poetry that tells a story?Narrative poetry
A long narrative poem that tells the story of a heroepic
the hero of an epicepic hero
the main character of a storyprotagonist
a character who opposes the protagonistantagonist
When we know Odysseus is alive but Penelope does not, this is an example of what?dramatic irony
When something in the story happens differently than how the reader expectssituational irony
something that stands for something elsesymbol
Who was responsible for the death of the crew?Zeus sank the ship after the crew ate Helios's cows
Expain how Athena helped Odysseus.begged her father (Zeus) to release Odysseus
Why were the Lotus Eaters dangerous?They caused men to forget home.
How did Odysseus trick Polyphemus with his name?He said it was "Nohbdy"
To whom does Polyphemus pray for revenge?his father, Poseidon
Does Odysseus listen to the Sirens? Explain.He had his crew tie him to the mast
What does Scylla do when the ship passes through the Straits of Scylla?Scylla eats 6 men
Explain the symbolism of the Straits of Scylla and Charybids.Odysseus needs to chooses between two bad choices.
How is Helios's island symbolic?Humans need to listen to the gods.
Odysseus never gave up on getting home when he was captive with Calypso. What theme does this show?You should never give up on reaching goals.
Give an example of dramatic irony from the story.We know the beggar is Odysseus but Penelope does not know.
What are some internal conflicts characters face?Penelope wants to be faithful to Odysseus but also wants to honor her promise to him. Many others


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