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WW II Vocabulary

Names and terms from WWII

the fuhrerGerman word for leader
Lebensraumliving space for the German nation
Stimson DoctrineUS policy that denied recognition to any territory taken over by force
Nazi partyNational Socialist German Workers' political party, Hitler was the leader of it
genociodesystematic killing of a whole national or ethnic group
anti-Semitismharted of Jewish people
Third Reichthird German empire
Kristallnacht"night of the broken glass"
appeasementallowing conquests in hopes of satisfying an aggressive country
panzer divisiongroups of German tanks
Luftwaffethe German air force
Maginot Linefortifications built by France along its eastern border
fifth columnistssecret enemy agents who created local fear and dissension before an invasion
blitzkrieg"lightning war"; German method of attack
Royal Air Forceair force of Britain, also known as the RAF
Battle of Britainair was carried out over Britain bythe German Luftwaffe
SpitfireBritish fighter plane
Neutrality Actsbanned much activity with warring nations
Land-Lease Actcongressional act of 1941 that allowed Britain to place orders for American supplies and weapons without payment
Atlantic Charterstatement of war aims negotiated by Roosevelt and Churchill in August 1941

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