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Regular Verbs

ER, IR, RE regular verbs

chanterto sing
danserto dance
écouterto listen to
étudierto study
mangerto eat
parlerto speak
regarderto look at
travaillerto work
demanderto ask
continuerto continue
donnerto give
entrerto enter
habiterto live
resterto stay
tournerto turn
traverserto cross
apporterto bring
fermerto close
gagnerto win
jouerto play
commanderto order
préparerto prepare
applaudirto applaud
choisirto choose
désobéirto disobey
finirto finish
grossirto gain weight
maigrirto lose weight
obéirto obey
rougirto turn red, blush
attendreto wait for
entendreto hear
perdreto lose
rendreto give back
répondreto answer
vendreto sell

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