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CFS258 - Lesson 9 Chapter 12

Test Your Vocabulary Knowledge

Activities of Daily Living (ADL)A common set of measures that gerontologists use to track elders’ degree of impairment.
Baby-Boom GenerationPersons born after WW II; the largest cohort in American history.
CentenariansPersons age 100 and older.
Demographic TransitionThe process in which a society moves from a situation of high fertility rates and low life expectancy to one of low fertility rates and high life expectancy.
English Poor Laws of 1601The first systematic codification of English ideas about the responsibility of the state to provide for its citizens.
Formal CareCare for the elderly that is provided by social service agencies on a paid or volunteer basis.
GerontologyAn interdisciplinary science of aging that draws upon biology, medicine, and the social sciences.
Informal CareCare for the elderly that is unpaid, usually done by a family member.
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (ADL)Includes activities such as preparing meals, shopping, managing money, using the telephone, and others.
KinkeeperThe person who has the primary responsibility for maintaining family relationships.
Life ExpectancyHow long a person can expect to live, usually calculated from birth.
MedicareA federal health insurance program primarily for people age 65 and older.
Old Age Insurance (OAI)A cash assistance entitlement program for seniors.
Old Age and Survivor Insurance (OASI)A cash assistance entitlement program forseniors that has also been extended to their widows.
Sandwich GenerationAdult children, usually daughters, who are caring for both their parents and their own children.
Social Security ActMany programs under one umbrella, including unemployment compensation, health programs, cash welfare assistance, food stamps and school lunch programs, and cash assistance for the blind, survivors, and for seniors.
Triple JeopardyPeople who face multiple disadvantages in society; e.g., old, female, and minority.

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