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Nutrition and Energy

Vocabulary words PartIII page 161

Nutritionthe study okf nutrients and how the body uses them.
Nutrientsmaterials needed by the cell to live and grow.
Proteinsnutrients made of amino acids and used by the cell for growth and repair.
Carbohydratesorganic nutrients which contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Lipidsorganic compounds made up of small units of fatty acids.
Nucleic acidan organic compound containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
Amino acidan organic acid that combines to form protein.
Enzymesproteins which enables chemical reactions to take place.
Energythe ability to change brought about by the process of respiration.
Respirationa series of chemical changes within a cell in which sugar is broken down, oxygen is used, energy is released, and water ane carbon dioxide are produced.
Photosynthesisthe process in which a plant makes food from water and carbon dioxide, using energy from the sun.
Glucosea product of photosynthesis and respiration as more complex carbohydrates are broken down.


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