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Organic Variations

Vocabulary PartIV page 169

Evolutionchanges over a period of time in the genetic makeup of a group of organisms of the same kind.
Fossilevidence fo past life, such as bones, shells, or imprints.
Homologousbody parts of different species with similar structure and development but possibly different functions.
Vestigial organa body part that has no known function.
Mutationsa sudden change in the DNA pattern pssed from one generation to the next.
Divergent evolutiona process by which many different species developed from a common ancestor.
Convergent evolutiona process in which unrelated species develped similar characteristics.
Variationdifference in the structure or characteristics of similar organisms.
Adaptationa process by which anorganism or species becomes better suited to a change in its environment.
Natural selectiona process by which organisms best suited to their environment survive and reproduce.


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