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Lion Witch Wardrobe #3

repulsivecausing a strong felling of dislike
stammerto speak with difficultly, repeating the same sounds again and again,beacause of nerveousness or speech ploblem
solemnvery serious
snugwarm and comfortable
harnessleather straps which fasten an animal to a cart sledge
robea long loose piece of clothing
hoodthe top part of a coat used to cover your head in bad weather
daggera type of knife with a point and two sharp edge used as a weapon
diasappointto feel sad beacause something you hoped for did not happen or was not as good as you hope
nibbleto eat something by talking small bites
slushsnow that has partly melted and is often watery and dirty
gladean open space in a forest where there are no trees
scenta pleasant small
delicatethin;easy to damage or break
transparentsomething you can see through (like glass)
thawunfreeeze;to make something soft and liquid again after freezing
blistera small painful area of skin that looks like a bubble and contains clear liquid,often caused by rubbing (of shoes) or burning
victimperson who is ininjured or killed by somebody
stumpthe part is left after something has been cut(like a tree)
bouldera very large rock(as big as a person,or bigger)
traitora person who is not loyal to his country or friends;a person who commits treason
perishto die or be destroy

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