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Information Tools Terms

Practice your knowledge of Internet terms!

Boolean OperatorsOperators in a search that include searching for word one AND word two or word one OR word two.
BrowserSoftware that translates html into a web page..
DownloadTo transfer information from a computer on the Internet to your computer.
E-mailElectronic mail that allows you to send messages over the Internet.
FilterSoftware that can block out sites that contain inappropriate content.
Home pageThe first page of a web site or the first page you see when you start your browser.
HTMLHypertext Markup Language. The computer language used to create web pages.
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol - The rules that govern sharing information on the WWW.
Hypertext linkA word, phrase or picture that links to another WWW location.
ISPInternet Service Provider - Provides a server that connects your home computer to the Internet.
ModemA communcations device that transmits information over phone lines. How most people connect to the Internet from home.
NetiquetteInternet etiquette. A set of rules for being polite on the Internet.
NetworkComputers that are connected together to share information.
Plug-inSoftware that needs to downloaded to add extra abilities to your browser (e.g. view movies or play interactive games).
ServerA computer that provides information to other computers on a network.
URLUniform Resources Locator - an Internet address.
VirusA small piece of software that causes damage to your computer. Usually transmitted through E-mail or Internet downloads.
Web siteAn Internet location using HTTP that can contain one or several pages of information.
WWWWorld Wide Web - a graphical interface that stores information.

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