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Humidifiers and Nebulizers

Equipment related to the delivery of humidity and aerosol delivery.

Heat and Moisture ExchangerExhaled heat and moisture are collected and made available to warm and humidify the following inspiration
Bubble humidifierMedical gas passes through a diffuser to increase the surface area for water-gas interface
Pass-over humidiferMedical gas is directed over a reservoir of water
Cascade humidiferMedical gas if forced through a large diffuser tower, through the water, then out to the patient
Small-volume nebulizersMost commonly a side-stream design used extensively for administration of bronchodilators and other drugs
Small Particle Aerosol GeneratorUsed for the administraton of ribavirin
Metered-dose inhalerMetal cannister containing drug in form of suspension of micronized crystals or in solution
Dry-powdered inhalerDevice delivering drug in a powdered form
Large-volume nebulizerUses Venturi principle and has a capability of delivering large amounts of heat and moisture
Ultrasonic nebulizerUses the piezoelectric principle to deliver an aerosol


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