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AstonishedTo strike with sudden wonder or suprise: V.
DiminishingTo make less or cause to appear to lessen: V.
TresholdThe place or point of entering or beginning: N.
AppalledTo be overcome with shock or dismay: V.
PantryA room or closet usedfor storing provisions: N.
WearilyExhaused in strength or endurance: Adv.
AgonizinglyTo cause suffer; torture: Adv.
EmergesTo come into view: V.
CholofromA chemical used as an anesthetic: N
ProfoundHaceing intellectual insight or depth: Adj.
HospitalityA generous or cordial reception of guests: N.
Distressedto worry or be troubled; upset: V.
GratitudeThe state of being thankful: N.
AdmirationAn object of esteem: N.
GestureTo use motions of the body as a means of expression: V.
CompelledTo occur from overwellming pressure: V.
StaggeringTo reel from side to side: V.
Agitatedto excite often trouble the mind or feelings: V.
PersistenlyExisting for a long or longer time then usual time: Adv.
MomentaryHaving a very brief life

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