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Chapter 3 Vocabulary -Science

Vocabulary for the chapter on Ecosystems.

ecosystemliving and non living things in an environment and the way they affect it
producera living thing that makes it's own food
consumergets energy from living things or dead things
decomposeran organism that brakes down once living things
herbivoreeats only plants
carnivoreeats other animals
omnivoreeats both animals and plants
food chaina single flow of enegy between animals
food weboverlapping or linking food chains in an ecosystem
predatoran animal that hunts other animals
preya hunted animal
scavengeran anmal that eats dead or dying anmals
water cyclea movement of water through a ecosystem
oxygen cyclethe movement of oxygen and Carbon Dioxide through an ecosystem
nitrogen cyclethe movement of nitrogen through an ecosystem
communitya population living together
populationa group of the same organisms living in the same region
extinctan organism that is no longer around

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