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Geometry Vocabulary

sum of angles in 180triangle
line that cuts a segment in halfbisector
a four sided figure with two pairs of congruent adjacent sideskite
An anble greater than 90 degreesobtuse
an angle less than 90 degreesacute
when lines do not intersect, they'reparallel
when lines intersect at a right angle, they'reperpendicular
a^2 + b^2 = c^2Pythagorean Theorom
A triangle with a 90 degree angleRight
Vertical Angles arecongruent
if the sum of two angles is 180, they aresupplementary
the pointon a segment that is equidistant from both ends of the segment is themidpoint
A six sides figurehexagon
A triangle whose sidea are all of the same lengthEquilateral
A line that cuts two parallel linestransversal

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