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Europeans Reach America-Gr 5

terms and people from grade 5 Chapter 5

Scandinaviathe European countries that the Vikings came from
sagaslegends of the Vikings passed down from one generation to the next
Eric the Redfather of Leif, explored Greenland
Leif EricsonSon of Eric, explored and named Vinland
Christopher Columbusfirst European to try out the idea to sail west to reach east
Ferdinand Magellanfirst to sail completely around the world. A strait is named for him
Hernando Cortesconquered the Aztecs of Mexico for their gold
Father Junipero Serraset up missions in the southwest
Marco Polomade over-land trips to China
Juan Ponce de Leonsearched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida
Bartholomeu Diassailed to the southern tip of Africa and realized it was the sea route to Asia
Francisco Pizarrroconquered the Incas of Peru for their gold
Francisco Coronadosearched for the golden cities of the southwest. Saw Grand Canyon and KS
Vasco Nunez de Balboareached the Isthmus of Panama and saw and named the Pacific Ocean
Hernando de Sotoexplored Miss. River valley while looking for Seven Cities of Gold
expiditionjourney for a specific purpose
navigationthe science of determining a ship's direction and location
capea pointed piece of coastline that juts out into the sea
Vasco da Gamareached India by sailing around southern tip of Africa
Cape of Good Hopetip of South Africa
Strait of Magellanat the tip of South America
Vinlandnow present day Newfoundland, named for the vines
West Indiesthe name Columbus gave the islands he landed on
isthmusa narrow piece of land connecting two larger pieces of land
Pacificmeans peaceful in spanish
missionsettlement where Indians and missionaries live
missionarysome one who teaches religion to non-believers
colonyplace ruled by a usually distant country
Portugalfirst European country to find sea route to Asia

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