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You must match the math analogy to the correct answer.

one plus one is to two and two plus two is to__.four
four plus three is to seven as five plus four is to__.nine
4+7 is to 11 as 5+9 is to__.14
9+4 is to 13 as 8+7 is to__.15
Thirteen plus twelve is to twenty five as fourteen plus twelve is to __.twenty six
sixteen plus twelve is to twenty eight as twelve plus nineteen is to__.thirty one
13+16 is to 29 as 14+13 is to__.27
12+12 is to 24 as 15=15 is to__.30
thirty three plus twenty eight is to sixty one as thirty three plus twenty nine is to--.sixty two.
fourty one plus twenty is to sixty one as forty three plus twenty nine is to__.seventy two.
24+35 is to 59 as 56+34 is to__.90
34+76 is to 110 as 34+57 is to__.91
one hundred and twenty plus one hundred and four is to two hundred and twenty four as one hundred and fourty plus one hundred and two is hundred and fourty two
one hundred and fifty four plus one hundred and twenty seven is to two hundred and eighty one as one hundred and thirty plus one hundred and seventy four is to__.three hundred and four
128+135 is to 263 as 123+198 is to__.321
111+122 is to 233 as 133+144 is to__.277
two hundred and thirty plus three hundred and twelve is to five hundred and fourty as three hundred and forty plus two hundred and ninety is to__.six hundred and thirty
five hundred and seventy two plus three hundred and four is to eight hundred and seventy six as six hundred and forty one plus two hundred and seventy seven is to__.nine hundred and eighteen
334+567 is to 901 as 675+786 is to__.1,461
543+897 is to 1440 as 566+998 is to__.1,564

Kathleen McGuire

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