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Soc. St.- Geography and Map Skills

a picture or icon that stands for something else on a mapsymbol
a model of the Earthglobe
tells what the symbols on a map stand formap key
a drawing of a placemap
a map divided by lines that form squares used to find placesgrid map
part of a countrystate
shows directions on a mapcompass rose
the most southern place on the earthSouth Pole
a land and the people who live therecountry
a way of going from one place to anotherroute
an imaginary line around the middle of the earthequator
the most northern place on the earthNorth Pole
a very large body of landcontinent
a body of water with land all around itlake
low land between hills or mountainsvalley
the highest kind of landmountain
a very large body of salt waterocean
land that has water all around itisland
different kinds of landlandform
an area of flat land, often used for farmingplain
land that has water on three sidespenisula
land that is higher than land around it, but lower than a mountainhill
a long body of water that flows across the landriver
a dry place with little raindesert

Mrs. Hodges

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