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SOC 101 Unit #3 Deviance and Inequality

discriminationacting out prejudice
prejudiceideas about inequality
crimedeviance that violates the law
deviancebehavior that violates norms
sanctionsrewards and punishments, in a sociological sense
stereotypeovergeneralization applied to all members of a category
differential associationSutherland's theory regarding how deviance is learned
scapegoatingblaming a vulnerable (yet blameless) target
phrenologyexamining the skull to try to explain deviance
somatotypescategorization of body shapes
id, ego, superegoparts of personality according to Freud
frustration - aggressionstriking out against others when we don't get our way
general deterrencefunction of punishment designed to discorage others from violating norms
specific deterrencefunction of punishment designed to discourage the offender from further rule breaking
incapacitationfunction of punishment taking the deviant out of circulation
racedistinction among individuals based on inherited physical differences
ethnicityindication of diversity based on cultural patterns and characteristics
genocidesystematically killing an entire group or category
amalgamationmelting pot; when ethnic and racial differences disappear through interbreeding
population transfermoving minority groups to other locations, i.e., reservations or deportation

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