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Drug Classification

Cardiac Glycosideincreases the force of the heart contraction and slows the heart rate
Antihypertensivedecreases blood pressure
Vasodilatordilates blood vessels
Diureticincreases the flow of urine
Anticoagulantprevents blood clotting
Anti-ulcer drugsblock the actions of histamine in the stomach, thus preventing ulcers
Antacidreduces acidity in the GI tract
Antidiarrhealscounteracts diarrhea
Laxativerelieves constipation
Antiemeticcontrols nausea and vomiting
Anticholinergican agent that can decrease GI motility and inhibit gastric acid secretion
Corticosteroida hormone that produces and anti-inflammatory effect
Oral Contraceptivea hormone that prevents conception by inhibiting ovulation
Antidiabetican agent that lowers blood glucose
Thyroid Hormonea hormone that regulates growth and maturation
Antihistaminegiven to reduce or prevent the effects of histamine in the body
Antitussiverelieves or prevents a cough
Expectorantincreases mucous secretion from the repiratory tract
Analgesicrelieves pain
Sedative-Hypnotican agent that can either produce a calming effect and induce sleep or maintain sleep, depending on the dosage
Anticonvulsantprevents or controls different types of seizures
Antidepressantan agent that alleviates depression
Antipsychoticused in treating psychotic disorder
Antiparkinsonused to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Antimicrobialdestroys pathogenic organisms
Antiparasitictoxic to parasites
Antineoplastic agentis selectively toxic to cancer cells
Antipyreticreduces fever
Anti-inflammatorydecreases inflammation
Anti-arthriticnon-steroidal agents that reduce the inflammation and pain of arthritis


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