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Mystery Vocab Game one

modus operandimode of working
direextreme, causing or involving great fear or suffering
renownedcelebrate or famous
lurchedstaggered, swayed abruptly
amorphousshapeless, has no definite form
encroachingtrespassing, going beyond accepted or established limits
pertsaucy or impudent
brawnystrong, muscular
peripheryboundary of an area or surface
sparsenot flourishing, not a lot of something
dysfunctionalnot functional, not working effectively
ambivalentindecisive, uncertain
plenitudeabundance, condition of being full
composeto constitute the parts, to form or make up
inaudibleincapable of being heard
museto think or meditate in silence
prolificproducing many offspring, much fruit, lots of something
bibliophilesomeone who loves books and collecting them
sarcasmharsh or bitter derision or irony

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