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Geometry Terms

These games cover geometric definitions for the 7th and /or 8th grader.

Acutemore than zero degrees and less than 90 degrees
Obtusemore than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees
Right90 degrees
Paralleltwo or more lines in the same plane that are the same distance apart and will never intersect
Perpendiculartwo lines, segments, or rays that meet and form a 90 degree angle
Supplementary anglesangles whose sum is equal to 180 degrees
Complementary anglesansgles whose sum is equal to 90 degrees
Linear Pairtwo or more angles that meet and creat a line
Pentagonpolygon with 5 sides
Hexagonpolygon with 6 sides
Octagonpolygon with 8 sides
Decagonpolygon with 10 sides
convexpolygon with all diagonals inside the polygon
concavepolygon with at least one diagonal outside the polygon

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