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Classifying living and nonliving things for 9th grade Biology

moneranAn organism that has one cell no organelles
ProtozoanOne type of protist is called what?
moveWhat do most animals need to do inorder to get food?
foodPlants can make their own
microorganismsCan only be seen under a microscope.
moneraBateria are organisms in what kingdom
algaeprotists make own food & live in water
fiveHow many kingdoms living things
biologyis study of living things
ciliahair like structures that help some one-celled organism move
decomposeTo break down or decay matter into simpler substance is called
propertiesWhat needs to be observed to tell if something is living or nonliving
cellsNon living things do not have ____?
fungiMushrooms are found in what kingdom?
OrganismIs another word for a living thing
ParasiteAn organism that lives on a living organism and harms it
organellesBacteria do not have organelles in their cells

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