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Vocab Words

Take the definitions, and figure out a word that would fit the definition and the puzzle.~Larissa Haefner, reading hour 5

CommoditySomething useful, can be turned to advantage
ContriteFeeling regret for one's sins or offences
tableauvivid graphic description
rancorousBitter; resentful
recusalrefusal to recant
calcifiedinflexible; unchanging
docketcalendar of waiting cases
cogitationthoughtful consideration
dubiousfraught with uncertainty or doubt; undecided
deposeRemove from office or power; dethrone
zealousfilled with or motivated by zeal; fervent
fiefdomsometing over which one person dominates
congealedsolidifed, as if by freezing
neoprenesynthetic rubber
anecdotalcharacterized by or full of anecdotes
hydraulicof involving, moved by, or operated by fluid, mostly water
interringplacing in grave or tomb; burying
evasionsthe act or an instance of evading
martyrone who makes sacrifices to further belief or cause
porcineResembling swing or pig
pseudonymsFictious names assumed by author; pen name
voluablemarked by ready flow of speech; fluent
cohortgroup or band of people
lethargicof, causing, or characterized by lethargy
penuryextreme want or poverty
myelinwhite, fatty material, encloses toxins and nerve fibers
elfinrelating to/suggestive of elf
entrailsinternal organs/intestines
arcanadeep secrets or mysteries
wiletrickery; cunning
financierspeople occupied with/experts in financial affairs
coffersstrong boxes
Monopolisticexclusive control by one group
ubiquitousbeing/seeming to be everywhere at once
nihilistextreme form of skeptiscism
populistsupporter of the right of power for the people
tenacitystate or quality of perserving
trustbusterone that seeks to destroy business trusts
amassto gather together for self; accumulate
conglomerateto form or cause form into an adhering or rounded mass
twixtbetwixt; between
philanthropistfriend of human race
resonateto exhibit or produce resonance or resonant effects
tonnageweight measured in tons
smelterone engaged to smelting industry
expletiveexclamation or oath, mostly profane or vulgar in nature
molly-coddlingprotecting and indulging toward
Repleteabundantly supplied; abounding
quellput down forcivly; suppress
contentiousquarrelsome; argumentative
localeplace with refernce to certain event
inadvertentlynot attentively

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