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Coastal Plains and Islands

Using the clues given, determine the term for each and find them in the grid.

generationaverage time between birth of parents and death of children
marshlow, wet land where cattails, tall grasses and other similar plants grow
plantationhuge farms
growing seasontime when the weather is warm enough for plants to grow
swamplow wet area where trees and bushes grow
food processingcooking, canning, drying, or freezing food and preparing it for market
textilescotton that is made into cloth
pulpsoft mixture of ground-up wood chips and chemicals that is use in making paper
SunBeltwide area of the United States that has a mild climate all year
tourismselling of goods and services to tourists
inletnarrow strip of water leading into land from a larger body of water
bayouslow moving body of water
refineryfactory that turns crued oil into useful products such as gasoline and other fuels
petrochemicalschemicals that are made from oil
hurricanehuge storm with heavy rains and high winds

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