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Math 4 Q1

Saxon Math 54 Lessons 1-40

AdditionCombining two groups into one group
AddendThe number that is added in an addition problem
SumAnswer to an addition problem
SequenceCounting pattern
Place valuePosition of a digit in relation to the other digits in a number
Ordinal numberNumber that tells position or order
365Number of days in a non-leap year
FebruaryMonth that gets the extra day in a leap year
DifferenceAnswer to a subtraction problem
Whole numbersCounting numbers and the number 0
Line segmentPart of a line
>Greater than
<Less than
ScaleNumber line used for measuring
FarenheitScale that measures temperature
Hours, minutes, secondsNumber lines on a clock that measure time
MinuteLong hand on a clock
HourShort hand on a clock
Noon12:00 p.m.
Midnight12:00 a.m.
RulerMeasures length
cmAbbreviation for centimeter
100Number of centimeters in a meter
1000Number of meters in a kilometer
kmAbbreviation for kilometer
SquareRectangle with four equal sides
DenominatorBottom number of a fraction
NumeratorTop number of a fraction
FractionPart of a whole
Decimal pointSeparates dollars from cents
ParallelLines that stay the same distance apart from each other
IntersectLines that cross
AngleMathematical term for a corner
Right angleSquare corner
PerpendicularLines that intersect to form a right angle
FactorNumber that is multiplied
ProductAnswer to a multiplication problem
SquareNumber times itself


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