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Excel 3, 4 True, False Office 2007

To freeze panes, on the View tab of the Ribbon, in the Window group, click the Freeze Panes button, and then click Freeze Panes.True
You can split the worksheet window into horizontal or vertical panes, but not both.False
The results of the calculation appear in the cell in which the formula is entered.True
Although Excel checks that the formula has the correct structure, it does not check that the formula contains the correct values or cell references.True
If you select more than one row or column, the same number of rows or columns you selected is inserted in the worksheet.True
Data moved or copied to a cell replaces any content already in that cell.True
When formulas with mixed cell references are copied or moved, the row or column references preceded by a question mark do not change.False
You can include cell references in a formula more quickly by using the point-and-click method to click each cell, rather than typing cell references.True
You can use shortcut keys to quickly cut, copy, and paste cells.True
Each formula begins with a quotation mark (“).False
Formulas can include more than one operator.True
The Transfer command pastes a row of cells into a column, or a column of cells into a row.False
To remove one or more rows or columns, right-click the selected rows or columns, and then click Delete on the shortcut menu.True
The drag-and-drop method is the slowest way to copy or move data short distances in a worksheet.False
Whenever you select a range, the Ribbon shows the results of common calculations for the selected cells.False
An operand is a symbol that indicates the type of calculation to perform, such as a plus sign (+) for addition.False
Design view is helpful when you prepare a worksheet for printing.False

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