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ECCE ROMANI, Chapters 1-8, VERBS

adiuvat, adiuvant: adiuvareto help
amat, amant: amareto like, love
ambulat, ambulant: ambulareto walk
appropinquat, appropinquantto approach
clamat, clamant: clamareto shout
curat, curant: curareto look after, take care of
errat, errant: errareto wander
habitat, habitant: habitareto live, dwell
laborat, laborant: laborareto work
observat, observant: observareto watch
parat, parant: parareto prepare, get ready
portat, portant: portareto carry
purgat, purgant: purgareto clean
revocat, revocant: revocareto recall, call back
salutat, salutant: salutareto greet, welcome
spectat, spectant: spectareto watch, look at
vexat, vexant: vexareto annoy
docet, docent: docereto teach
lucet: lucereit is light, it is day
respondet, respondent: respondereto reply
ridet, rident: ridereto laugh, smile
sedet, sedent: sedereto sit
terret, terrent: terrereto frighten, terrify
timet, timent: timereto fear, be afraid (to/of)
videt, vident: videreto see
ascendit, ascendunt: ascendereto climb
cadit, cadunt: cadereto fall
consulit, consulunt: consulereto consult
coquit, coquunt: coquereto cook
currit, currunt: currereto run
descendit, descendunt: descendereto come/go down,climb down
ducit, ducunt: ducereto lead, take, bring
gemit, gemunt: gemereto groan
legit, legunt: legereto read
petit, petunt: petereto look for, seek
repellit, repellunt: repellereto drive off, drive back
reprehendit, reprehendunt: reprehendereto blame, scold
scribit, scribunt: scribereto write
surgit, surgunt: surgereto get up, rise
tradit, tradunt: tradereto hand over
arripit, arripiunt: arripereto grab hold of, snatch
conspicit, conspiciunt: conspicereto catch sight of
excipit, excipiunt: excipereto welcome
facit, faciunt: facereto make, do
advenit, adveniunt: advenireto reach, arrive (at)
audit, audiunt: audireto hear, listen to
dormit, dormiunt: dormireto sleep
venit, veniunt: venireto come
est, sunt: esseto be
inquit(he/she) says
it, eunt: ireto go
exit, exeunt: exireto go out
redit, redeunt: redireto return
non vult, nolunt, nolleto be unwilling, not to wish
potest, possunt: posseto be able, (he/she/it/they) can
vult, volunt: velleto wish, want, be willing
excitat, excitant: excitareto rouse, wake (someone) up
intrat, intrant: intrareto enter
induit, induunt: induereto put on (as, for example, clothes)

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