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Articulation Practice for S Blends

Students will use these activities to target correct "S" blend production.

Lostwhen you can not find something it is...
Toastslices of bread that has been browned
Stopthe opposite of go
Steela type of metal
Mustardsomething you put on hotdogs
Roostera farm animal
Skinnya person who is very thin
Schoolwhere you go to learn
Scareto be afraid
Discomusic that was played in the 1970's
Deskthe place you complete school work
Snapthe noise you can make with your fingers
Snakean animal that slithers
Snacksomething you eat in between meals
Sweepto clean the floor
Swingplayground equipment
Swimwhat people do in a pool
Swana graceful bird
Smellsomething that has a bad odor
Smilefacial expression
Basementthe bottom floor of a house
Dismissto leave

Jennifer Potter

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