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Matching 8th Grade Chapter 9 Lesson 3

Do all four activities until you get a perfect score on the first try

hate crimeThis is an illegal act against someone just because he or she is a member of a particular group.
assault___________ is a physical attack or threat of an attack for the purpose of inflicting bodily injury.
rape________ is when someone forces sexual intercourse on another person
robbery_____________ is a completed or attempted theft of property or cash by force ot threat of force with a weapon.
gangA _________ is a group of people who associate with one another because they have something in common.
violent crimesPeople who commit ______ _____ seek out those that look vulnerable and weak
precautionAn example of a ______ is to walk in a lighted area versus a dark area at night
bullysomeone who uses threats, taunts, or violence to intimidate people who appear helpless.
prevent violenceTougher laws, after school programs, and more police on the sreets are ways to ________.
Neighboorhood Watchwidespread crime-prevention effort undertaken by residents of a particular segment of the community.

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