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Forces and Friction

This covers material pages 35-40 in Prentice Hall Science Middle School Series; Motion, Forces and Energy.

Forcea push or pull
A force to an object, causing it to sometimes start moving, stop moving, or change direction.
Two forces in the same direction __ together.add
When two forces act in opposite directions, they combine by ___.subtraction
net forceThe resultant (remaining force) when forces are combined.
balanced forcesWhen forces are combined the result (or net force) is zero, therefore the object does not move.
FrictionA force resulting from to surfaces touching.
Basic Forcesgravity, electromagnetic, subatomic, nuclear
Friction causes...Objects to slow down and finally stop.
Types of frictionsliding friction, rolling friction, and fluid friction
Sliding FrictionWhen solid object slide over one another
Rolling FrictionFriction produced by wheels or ball bearings.
Fluid FrictionThe force exerted by a fluid.

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