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Motion Vocabulary

MotionAny change in position
ForceA push or pull
SpeedEqual to distance divided by time
AccelerationChange in velocity
VelocitySpeed in a given direction
InertiaResistance to change in motion. An object will continue to do what it is doing
MassAmount of matter in an object
ConductionEnergy transfer that occurs by direct contact
ConvectionEnergy transfer in liquids and gasses by movement of molecules
RadiationEnergy transfer through space
Potential EnergyEnergy of position or stored energy
Kinetic EnergyEnergy of motion
Conservation of EnergyEnergy is neither created nor destroyed, but is transferred from one form to another
EntropyAmount of disorder or randomness
ResistanceThe opposition to flow of electrons
FrictionResistance to movement between two objects in contact
ElectricityThe flow of electrons
Radiant energylight energy

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