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Articulation Practice for R Blends

Students will complete these activities to target correct "R" production.

Rattlea baby's toy
Rock and Rolla type of music
Rabbita small animal that hops
Writewhat you do with a pencil
Rosesa type of flower
Parisa city in France
Canarya small yellow bird
Giraffean animal with a long neck
Parentsmom and dad
Bakersomeone who cooks
Summerthe hottest season
Mirrorused to see your reflection
Floursomething used to bake bread
Suppera meal
Hammersomething used with nails
Friendlyto be nice
Freeat no cost
Drummerthe band member who plays percussion
Brushused to clean your teeth
Acrobatsomeone who does flips at the circus

Jennifer Potter

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