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Chapter 9 Vocabulary - Articles of Confederation

A review of the vocabulary from chapter 9

constitutionsplans of government
republica from of government in which people elect representatives to run the country
ambassadorsrepresentatives from one country to another
inflationan economic condition in which it takes more and more money to buy the same goods
territoryland that belongs to a national goverment but is not a state
townshipssquares of land
ordinanceset of laws
conventionimportant meeting
Preambleintroduction to the Constitution
compromisegive up some of what you want in order to reach an agreement
federal systemthe authority to govern is shared
UnionUnites States of America
legislative branchthe lawmaking branch
executive branchcarries out the laws
judicial branchsettles differences about the meaning of the laws
separation of powersthe way the power of the government is separated (into three branches)
majoritygreater part
censuspopulation count
electoral collegea group of electors chosen by citizens to vote for the executive
impeachaccuse the president of wrongdoing
unconstitutionaldoes not follow the Constitution
checks and balancesa system to keep one branch of the government from using its authority wrongly

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