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Geographic Terms

Circle the geographic words in your word search puzzle.

glaciersslow moving sheets of ice
weatheringbreaks down rock near earth's surface into smaller pieces.
frost wedgingfrozen water eventually splits the rock & can cause huge parts of a mountainside to break away.
acid rainchemicals in polluted air combine with water vapor and fall back to earth.
sedimentsamll particles of soil, sand & gravel carried in moving water helps grind away rocks along streams.
deltaa flat, low lying plain tht is sometimes at the river's mouth.
mouththe place where a river enters a lake, larger river, or ocean.
loesswindblown deposits of mineral rich dust and silt, very fine, may be blown thousands of miles away.
morainesridgelike piles of rocks and debris from melting and receding of glaciers.
erosionmovement of weathered materials including gravel, soil and sand.
environmentphysical conditions of the natural surroundings.
savannashuge tropical grasslands
chapparraltype of forest which includes samll evergreens and low bushes.
tundraregion where temperatures are always cool or cold and only specialized plants can grow.
permafrostlayer of soil below the surface which stays permanently frozen.
weathercondition of the bottom layer of atmosphere in one place over a short period of time.
atmospheremultilayered band of gases, water vapor, and dust above the earth.
climateterm for weather patterns that an area or region typically experience over a long period of time.
precipitationall forms of water that fall to the earth including rain and snow.
windwardfacing into the wind.
leewardaway from the wind.
humidityamount of water vapor normally in the air.

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