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Circulatory System

Review the terms for this chapter!

atriumupper heart chamber
ventriclelower heart chamber
arteryblood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
capillarytiny, thin-walled blood vessel that connects an artery to a vein
veinblood vessel that carries bllod to the heart
plasmfluid portion of the blood
red blood cellcell that carries oxygen throughoutt he body
hemoglobiniron-containing protein found in red blood cells
white blood cellcell that defends the body against invading organisms
plateletcell fragment that aids in blood clotting
fibrinchemical that forms a net across a cut in a blood vessel to trap blood cells and plasma
cardiovascular diseasedisease that affects the heart and blood vessels
atherosclerosisthickening of the inner wall of an artery
hypertensionhigh blod pressure

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