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ostracizeto shut our or banish
objectivewriting that presents facts without revealing a writer's opinion
subjectivewriting that reveals a writer's feelings and opinions
inadequatenot good enough; doesn't meet the requirements
euphemisma pleasant expression substituted for an unpleasant one
pervasivespreading out all over
reverberateto echo again and again
inevitableunavoidable; certainly going to happen
deterrentobstacle; something that discourages something else from happening
precariousuncertain; insecure; risky
fabricatemake-up; invent
delugea floodlike rush of anything
ostentatiousshowy, splashy; overly grand
deferto postpone or delay
semblanceoutward appearance
quashto put an end to
atrophyto shrink or waste away
meanderto wander aimlessly
pettyunimportant; trivial
reiterateto repeat
pacifistsomeone who is opposed to violence for any reason

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