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History of Spain 2

Golden Age1550 to 1650
HabsburgAustrian dynasty
Conference of Augsburgrecognized rights of Protestants
Treaty of Utrechtstated that Spain and France could never again be united under one ruler
Spanish Armadafamous, almost invincible fleet of Spanish ships
Borbóndynasty that linked Spain with France
War of Successionfights over who was the legitimate ruler of Spain
Carlos IIel Hechizado and last ruler of Spanish Habsburgs
Juana la Locadaughter of Fernando and Isabel who was imprisoned for most of her life
Felipe Vgrandson of French Louis XIV
Torquemadafirst Inguisitor-General of the Spanish Inquisition
Carlos Igrandson of Fernando and Isabel who became Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire as well as king of Spain
Carlos IIImost intelligent Borbón king of Spain
Felipe IIinvaded Portugal and controlled the Spanish Armada
Carlos VCarlos I as Holy Roman Emperor
Catholic KingsFernando and Isabel
Reconquistafight to regain control of Spain from Arab rule
1492Granada is conquered marking the end of Arab rule
conversosJews who converted to Christianity
moriscosMuslims who converted to Christianity
Cristóbal Colóndiscoverer of America
La Santa María, La Niña, La PintaColumbus´ships
Felipe el Hermosohusband of Juana la Loca
Karl Vtitle Carlos I held as king of Germany
Palace of Tordesillasprison for Juana la Loca
Padilla, Bravo, MaldonadoSpanish nobles who revolted against Carlos I who used Spanish money to settle disputes in Germany
Battle of San QuentínSpain wiped out the French army
Battle of LepantoSpain, Venice and the Pope defeated the Turks
Sir Francis Drakedefeated the Spanish Armada
Felipe III and Felipe IVincompetent Spanish kings
Cervanteswrote the novel Don Quijote de la Mancha
el GrecoGolden Age artist
monastery at El Escorialexample of Golden Age architecture
Salic Lawprohibited women from reigning
Spanish Inquisitionreligious movement to expel all non-Christians from Spain in hope of unity

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